Favorite Soil Artists

Artists who work with soil and/or farming – please see their website for details.


Karin Bolender  http://www.aliassxing.net/welcome.html

Jackie Brookner “Native Tongues”  http://www.jackiebrookner.net/native_tongues.htm

Mel Chin “Revival Field http://www.satorimedia.com/fmraWeb/chin.htm

Fallen Fruit http://www.fallenfruit.org/

Linda Fries  http://www.friesarts.com/lfront.htm.

Stan Herd  http://www.millermeiers.com/stanherd/index.html

Betty Hageman http://www.bettyhageman.com/gallery.html

Jay Noller http://soilscapestudio.com/paintings.htm

 Judi Pettite  www.judipettie.com

 Miriam Rice  http://www.mushroomsforcolor.com/

Jim Richardson  http://www.jimrichardsonphotography.com/

Maceo Rogers   http://maceorogers.com/artist.html

Mathilde Roussel http://www.mathilderoussel.com/index.php?/about/

Gary Simpson  “Common Groundhttp://www.commonground191.com/

Michelle Stuart  http://www.michellestuartstudio.com/

Colette Urban  http://www.fulltiltnewfoundland.com/



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